Harves was born in Shenyang in 2003, with the establishment of the Harves Century Real Estate Development Company. Since our inception, Harves Century has taken many successful steps in our climb to the top of the industry, becoming one of China's premiere private real estate companies. 

With every successful project, Harves Century has expanded its development capabilities across residential and commercial sectors to include airports, retail shopping centers and malls, hotels and leisure parks, bringing a consistent philosophy and high quality of work.

Harves takes the same careful detailed and strategic approach to every project. After carefully studying and gaining a deeper understanding of each city's various trends, needs, unique culture and characteristics, Harves creates and executes cutting edge developmental concepts that reflect the identity of each location and contribute to the overall progress and prosperity of the surrounding communities and their residents. 

The Harves brand is defined by our commitment to excellence, and realized through our ability to deliver high quality products with an acute attention to detail, bringing success for multiple generations.  


Harves Century is one of the most prominent privately owned real estate development firms in China, founded in 2003 by Jinglan Shao. 

With extensive experience and a successful track record, Harves Century provides first class comprehensive service, executing on all levels including development, management, finance, marketing, and sales of both commercial and large-scale residential properties, as well as urban infrastructure.

Headquartered in Shenyang, Harves has a team of approximately 1,200 professionals spread throughout China, from the many offices around the country to the major development project sites in Shenyang, Dalian, Hainan and Hebei.


Harves Century's entire portfolio of real estate development, both past and current projects, is valued at more than US $5.8 billion.

With every successful project, Harves has expanded its development capabilities across residential and commercial sectors to include airports, retail shopping centers and malls, hotels, and leisure parks. Harves is also the second largest shareholder in Hebei Airlines, a regional commuter airline based in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province.

Over time and with consistent effort, Harves has built a strong brand known for the high level of quality, character, and care put into every project. A tradition of excellence is the Harves Way.




Harves Group (USA) is an American holding and investment company focusing on originating, developing and expanding new business opportunities by providing a bridge between China and Western business interests.



Harves Group was founded and established in Washington D.C. by Harves Century President Bo Zhang.  With over 30 years of combined experience in international business development in the public and private sectors across multiple industries, our leadership team is utilizing our many resources and expanding business opportunities and strategic partnerships in real estate, technology, leisure parks, sports, media, entertainment, and other important cross-culture industries. 

As the world economy becomes increasingly globalized, Harves is striving to break down cultural barriers to realize mutual interests and successfully execute new opportunities that will advance economic growth and prosperity. 


Harves Entertainment


Harves Entertainment is focused on the creative development of world class leisure parks and immersive attractions that will provide generations of cherished family experiences spanning Entertainment,  education, and sports sectors for communities across China.




Harves Entertainment is proud to partner with the China Development Bank Capital (CDBC) to realize this vision. Together, we strive to maintain a culture of creativity by strategically aligning ourselves with partners who have demonstrated a historical commitment to delivering best in class products and services.

China Development Bank Capital and Harves have a strong history and proven track record working together as partners. As the investment arm of the state-owned China Development Bank (CDB), the CDBC is committed to supporting and promoting industries key to the national government's economic development strategy, where China's tourism industry is a top domestic priority. 





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