About Harves


Harves was born in Shenyang in 2003, with the establishment of the Harves Century Real Estate Development Company. Since our inception, Harves Century has taken many successful steps in our climb to the top of the industry, becoming one of China's premiere private real estate companies. 

With every successful project, Harves Century has expanded its development capabilities across residential and commercial sectors to include airports, retail shopping centers and malls, hotels and leisure parks, bringing a consistent philosophy and high quality of work.

The Harves Way

Harves takes the same careful detailed and strategic approach to every project. After carefully studying and gaining a deeper understanding of each city's various trends, needs, unique culture and characteristics, Harves creates and executes cutting edge developmental concepts that reflect the identity of each location and contribute to the overall progress and prosperity of the surrounding communities and their residents. 

The Harves brand is defined by our commitment to excellence, and realized through our ability to deliver high quality products with an acute attention to detail, bringing success for multiple generations.  

Expanding the Harves Family

After experiencing many years of incredible growth, Harves Century is expanding and creating new lines of business, while taking on more responsibility for creating foundations on which cities and residents across China and around the world will prosper and enjoy an increasing quality of life. 

Harves Group (USA) is an American holding and investment company focusing on originating, developing and expanding new business opportunities by providing a bridge between China and Western business interests.

Harves Parks & Attractions (HPA) is focusing on the development, operations and management of successful world-class interactive family attractions in premiere cities across China. These projects will include regional leisure parks and indoor entertainment centers that are strategically scaled and customized to reflect the demands of each specific market, handpicked from a diverse portfolio of concepts.

Harves Sports & Entertainment (HSE) was founded to amplify the voices, perspectives and aspirations of a new generation of Chinese youth through cross-platform content and experiences in sports and entertainment. 

Please Contact Us to learn more information or to inquire about future business opportunities with any of the Harves companies. 

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