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Harves Parks & Attractions (HPA) is focused on the creative development of world class leisure parks and attractions that will provide generations of cherished family experiences for communities and their residents across China.

We strive to maintain a culture of creativity, and have aligned ourselves with strategic partners who have demonstrated a historical commitment to delivering best in class products and service.

HPA is proud to have established partnership agreements rooted in mutual interest and a shared vision with two preeminent partners, China Development Bank Capital and Parques Reunidos.

China Development Bank Capital (CDBC) and Harves have a strong history and proven track record working together as partners. As the investment arm of the state-owned China Development Bank (CDB), the CDBC is committed to supporting and promoting industries key to the national government's economic development strategy, where China's tourism industry is a top domestic priority. 

Parques Reunidos is joining Harves as our exclusive operating and management partner in China. A leader in the industry with over 50 years of operating experience, Parques Reunidos owns and operates 61 parks in 14 countries around the world - ranking as the the world's largest waterpark operator and the second largest animal park operator.  As the only company in the industry to successfully operate every type of leisure park across multiple countries and cultures, Parques Reunidos is uniquely qualified to provide the perfect complement in executing the strategy of the Harves team in China.

Alongside our partners, we look forward to announcing our initial projects in the near future. These projects will be along two separate business lines - Regional Leisure Parks and Mall Entertainment Centers (MEC).

Regional Leisure Parks and Attractions

The Regional Leisure Parks and Attractions will be strategically designed and scaled to accommodate the market demands prevalent in each of the cities designated for development. Our projects also will complement each city’s urban planning strategy with attractions that are tailored to promote the prevailing customs and traditions of the local community. These specially crafted tourist sites will be thematic in nature and intended to evoke experiences unique to their regions.

Indoor Entertainment Centers

The Mall Entertainment Centers (MEC) are smaller indoor attractions located in retail shopping centers, malls, sports arenas, or any location with a heavy concentration of visitors and tourists. These entertainment centers are intended to be shorter interactive family themed experiences. With the complimentary implementation of the newest technology in virtual and augmented reality, these attractions aim to provide an immersive experience to be enjoyed by all ages.        


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— Confucius
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